Livingston, New Jersey
Not resolved

The salesman made us feel like we were ***. Myself& my boyfriend-both wirk@good jobs.

Hounded me for info i was unable to get,address verification from bank.I had just moved. Finnaly got from insurance company. Was told could not fax. In the pouring rain had to drive over 15 miles just to give it.

The financial man didnt want to be there with us& made us feel it. We will NEVER go there, not even for service. Nor will we we tell anyone to go there. We will actually tell them NOT to.

After, tried to get survey form, called3 times salesman. He would ok, never received. Called& spoke to sales manager, he also said ok. Its now 5 months since purchase& im here instead.

Never received it. I bought a car last november from Rick Case.

BEST experience ever. Arrigo will never see, or hear from us again& non of our friends either!!!!

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