Miami, Florida

Twice I saw cars on their site, called and confirmed car was available, came down and was told car was sold day before. What is wrong that they can't confirm stock?

One such car they left up on website for month so, I called, knowing car wasn't there, was told again it was, asked them to confirm it was on lot, was told yes..outright lie. I was near area so I dropped by, guess what it sold day before..I clarified told them it was month before. Salesperson blanched. I walked out.

Again a friend looked on site, saw two cars they were interested in.. One sold first salesperson said, and second was "on lot" we asked to see it and were on way, I called back and spoke to someone else, oh car sold.. When? She didn't know..difference in my calls was five minutes..

Was there anything else I was interested in? Yes a dealership with honesty

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